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Entrance Exam

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic expansion, admission information might be changed. Please check GSFS and our department website to get the latest information for admission.

About Entrance Exam Information

We have already announced following two points through our department website.

  • We require all the applicants to submit results of TOEFL-iBT® Test as an English-language competency test. (TOEFL-iBT Home Edition is also acceptable.)
  • The FY2023 Entrance Examination (for October 2022 and April 2023 matriculations) will be held during the week of August 22, 2022.

The official information on FY2023 Entrance Examination was released on the GSFS Entrance Examination Information Page the other day(on April 5). The page provides detailed information on FY2023 entrance examination, including the above two points. If you wish to take the entrance examination of our department, please obtain "Guideline for Applicants" and "Entrance Examination Guides" at the GSFS Entrance Examination Information Page, and check the details of the entrance examination and the procedures required for application. Note that online application to the entrance examination should be made via the GSFS Entrance Examination Information Page.

However, please note that the version "Entrance Examination Guides" you can download from the GSFS Entrance Examination Information Page may not incorporate latest corrections. So, please download pages related to our department from this page. The links are as shown below.

Information you can find in "Entrance Examination Guides" includes the schedule and the method of the entrance examination, however, it covers only outline. Details will be announced via this page after application to the entrance examination is closed.

Flow of the entrance exam in each course


  • About TOEFL score sheet
    • For TOEFL score reports, both of the following two items must be received by us. Note: At the "time of application," submit the Test Taker Score Report so that the Institutional Score Report can be sent to the Graduate School by ETS.
    • ⅰ) Test Taker Score Report
      ⅱ) Institutional Score Report (or Official Score Report)

      Item i) is issued from ETS to TOEFL test takers. Its copy must be submitted upon application to our entrance examination. Accoring to the ETS website (https://www.toefl-ibt.jp/test_takers/toefl_ibt/scores.html), you can download your Test Taker Score Report 6 to 9 days after the TOEFL exam. Plan to take the TOEFL exam before the projected score delay windows to avoid missing the deadline for application. Make sure you can submit all the necessary documents including TOEFL Test Taker Score Report by the application deadline .

      Item ii) is issued by ETS to institutions, not to text takers. In "Guidelines for Applicants" it is referred to as "institutional score report", however, in the ETS website, it is often called official score report. Please request ETS to send the document to us by specifying the Designated Institution Code "8001" with Department Code "99". Note that it takes up to about two months for the document to be delivered to our school. We recommend you to make the request before you submit application to our department, especially when you use TOEFL score you took in the past.

Reqreiment of the environment and equipment to take the entrance exam

    Here is the requirement of the environment and equipment (room, PC, network etc.) to take the online Entrance Exam.

Update History

  • April 5: Update in response to the update of GSFS Entrance Examination Information Page.

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