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2023/10/02 Midterm presentation for master course will be held at 6F Lecture Room, at 9:30, Oct. 5-6 (Thu-Fri).
2023/10/02 SCES Guidance for new students will be held at 6F Lecture Room, at 14:30, Oct. 3 (Tue).
2023/10/02 Commencement ceremony was held at 6F Lecture Room, at 14:00, Sep. 22 (Fri).
2023/08/28 Entrance Exam: In 2024 Entrance Exam, the successful candidates for master/doctor courses have been listed here.
2023/08/24 Entrance Exam: In 2024 Entrance Exam of master course, the applicants qualified for Oral Exam have been listed here.
2023/07/21 Presentation of master theses was held at 6F Lecture Room on July 21 (Fri).
2023/06/14 Doctoral dessertation progress report and preliminary defense were held at 6F Lecture Room on June 14 (Wed).
2023/06/14 WAIN Seminar was held.
    Speaker: Dr. Shinobu Kazama
    Title: Water Supply in Developing Countries in Asia
2023/05/24 WAIN Seminar was held.
    Speaker: AIs and all participants
    Title: how to use and manage AI chatbot
2023/04/19 WAIN Seminar was held.
    Welcome party for new students
    Speaker: Mr. Shinpei Kojima (Researcher, Graduate of Master's course in March 2020)
    Title: Automated Structure using DigitalTools x Robotics in Master's Thesis, AUSMIP Exchange to Paris, Structural Design of Architecture : What's Next?
2023/04/19 Midterm presentation for master course was held at 6F Lecture Room, at 9:30, Apr. 19 (Wed).
2023/04/07 Entrance Exam: Information for FY2024 Entrance Examination (to be held in coming August) has been updated. The updated information is here.
2023/04/03 Guidance for new students was held.
2022/04/01 Dr. Shinobu Kazama, Associate Professor, joined Water & Material Cycle Program.
2023/03/23 Commencement ceremony was held.
Awardees of the Best Master Thesis Award and the Dean's Award are:
- Best Master Paper Award
  • Lin Ma, Riku Koto, Kazuki Shimojo, Hirotaka Matsui, Takato Mizuno, Kai Morinaga
- Dean's Award
  • Doctor course: Suxing Lyu
  • Master course: Hirotaka Matsuii
2023/02/03 Entrance Exam: In 2023 Entrance Exam., the successful candidates for doctor courses (April entrance) have been listed here.
2022/12/14 Entrance Exam: We are announcing the following two points through our department website regarding FY2024 Entrance Examination.
  • The FY2024 Entrance Examination (for October 2023 and April 2024 matriculations) will be conducted face-to-face.
  • We require all the applicants to take the TOEFL-ITP® Test conducted face-to-face as an English-language competency test. (Various score submissions will not be accepted.)
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