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Program of Water & Material Cycle

    Prof. SASAKI Jun
    Estuarine and Coastal Environment, Coastal Engineering

    Intending to create safe, beautiful, and prosperous coastal marine environments, we conduct field observations, numerical model development, simulations using open-source models, drone/satellite remote sensing, data analysis, and AI, which will contribute to clarifying phenomena and making predictions and evaluations. In particular, we focus on blue carbon (carbon removal by marine ecosystems), which is expected to be a mitigation measure for climate change in urban estuaries and mangrove swamps. We seek to maximize co-benefits with ecosystem services such as fishery resources, water purification, and adaptation to intensified storms and rising sea levels. In addition, we are seeking to maximize the synergistic benefits of green infrastructure. We are also conducting field research to resolve local issues in the coastal areas of developing countries.

    Prof. SATOH Hiroyasu
    Sewage Treatment Technologies and Its Related Microbial Ecology

    We are studying on sewerage and wastewater treatment. What we are the most interested in is the microbiological ecosystem in wastewater treatment plants. Microorganisms contribute a lot to remove pollutants in wastewater. Thus, having deeper knowledge on them will contribute to the improvement of wastewater treatment technologies. The work is also scientifically interesting. Major part of their world and lives are hidden to us. Who are they? What are their roles? Why they can/cannot be their? Our study on sewage and microorganisms will also give you a new point of view on human society.

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