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Water & Material Cycle
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Spatial Information Science
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The University of Tokyo
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> Urban Design Cntr Kashiwa-no-ha

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2018/05/14 WAIN Seminar will be held at 6F Lounge, at 18:30, May 16 (Wed).
2018/04/04 Entrance Exam: 2019 Entrance Exam Info (Exam Schedule / Briefing Sessions) is announced.
2018/04/04 Entrance Exam: Briefing sessions will be held on May 6 (Sun) in Hongo, May 12 (Sat) in Kashiwa. View details.
2018/04/04 Entrance Exam: Guidelines for Applicants and Entrance Exam Guide begin to be distributed. View details.
2018/04/01 WAIN Seminar will be held at 6F Lounge, at 18:30, Apr. 11 (Wed).
2018/04/01 Midterm presentation for master course will be held at 6F Lecture Room, at 12:55, Apr. 11 (Wed).
2018/04/01 SCES Guidance will be held at 6F Lecture Room, at 13:00, Apr. 3 (Tue).
2018/04/01 Lect. Nakagawa & Lect. Sugasawa have been installed in the Course of Spatial Information Science.
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