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    Prof. MINO Takashi
    Environmental Microbiology, Wastewater Engineering, Sustainability Education

    I have two key words which represent the principal approaches of my research group, "optimization of environmental technology management" and "environmental management based on microbiological view points". The age of end-of-pipe technology is over. The recent key environmental problem is "how to develop a environmentally sound society". Optimization of combination and usage of environmental tecnologies are essential to reduce pollutant load to the environment and this aspect is studied in the first approach. In the latter approach, application of natural powers of microorganisms to improve the environment is investigated. Microorganisms in themselves contribute to purification of the environment. If we think as if we were the microorganisms, the application of their magical power should be realized by us.
    Prof. SASAKI Jun
    Coastal Environment Engineering

    Toward a better management of lakes, reservoirs, estuarine and coastal waters as well as coastal zone, we have been involved in a variety of estuarine and coastal environmental studies, including 1) prediction, prevention and reduction of tsunami, storm surge and flood disasters, 2) identification of mechanisms and restoration of water and sediment pollution, and 3) sustainable development in coastal areas of developing countries balanced against disaster prevention and environmental conservation. Our studies are mainly based on numerical modeling and application, field observation, questionnaire survey and GIS based knowledge integration. Through collaborative works with research institutes, governments and private sectors in the world, we hope that our research outcomes will contribute to resolving practical problems and scientific findings.

    Assoc. Prof. SATOH Hiroyasu
    Sewage Treatment Technologies and Its Related Microbial Ecology

    We are studying on sewerage and wastewater treatment. What we are the most interested in is the microbiological ecosystem in wastewater treatment plants. Microorganisms contribute a lot to remove pollutants in wastewater. Thus, having deeper knowledge on them will contribute to the improvement of wastewater treatment technologies. The work is also scientifically interesting. Major part of their world and lives are hidden to us. Who are they? What are their roles? Why they can/cannot be their? Our study on sewage and microorganisms will also give you a new point of view on human society.

    Assoc. Prof. KOIBUCHI Yukio
    Coastal Environment Engineering

    Red tides, blue tides, and hypoxia in estuarine and coastal waters are major problems caused by excess eutrophication. Reclamation of the foreshore has also caused degradation of coastal ecosystems. Moreover, coastal areas are considered to be of great importance in global warming. We are focusing on these topics and considering both sustainable development and environmental rehabilitation through (1) Monitoring, (2) GIS, (3) Numerical prediction, (4) Environmental restoration technologies, and (5) Evaluation of coastal environments, which will contribute to coastal zone management.

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