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Entrance Exam

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※The novel coronavirus infection is expanding and if the situation deteriorates, the entrance examination this year might not be conducted as the way written in the Guideline for Applicants.
We’d like to ask you to visit the website regularly both the school and the department and check the updated information regarding the entrance examination.

※If you are an examinee and not receiving e-mails on entrance examinaion, please contact us immediately by e-mail. So far, we have sent to you a file entitled "Guidance for Online Entrance Examination and Oral Examination 2020" on July 31st. The contact is "admission$sbk.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp" where $ should be replaced by @.

Outline of Entrance Examination

    Please released revised version of the "Guide to The 2021 Entrance Examination of Master & Doctor Courses". Read the next section for the information. Note that we have already decided to evaluate English proficiency in the examination of "Specialized Subjects". We do not accept TOEFL score sheets.

Guidelines for Applicants and Entrance Examination Guides

    We are distributing following documents to applicants. Note that these documents released after May 16 are the latest versions reflecting the countermeasures against spread of COVID-19.
    • "Guidelines for Applicants": link to download page in GSFS website
    • "Application form for the entrance examination": The revised version will be released later May.)
    • "Guide to The 2021 Entrance Examination of Master & Doctor Courses" (link to download page in GSFS website)
      • A page has been added upon appointment of Assoc. Prof. Kozaki. You can download the added page from here.
    • "Information on Entrance Examination" and "Inquiry Sheet" pages in "Guide to The 2021 Entrance Examination of Master & Doctor Courses":
      • doctor program applicants --> download
      • master program applicants --> download
      • The "Inquiry Sheet" had a minor update on June 6 upon arrival of Assoc. Prof. Kozaki. You can now mark her as an advisor under whom you wish to study. While you can use "Inquiry Sheet" distributed during May 16 through May 31, we encourage you to use the present version.
    Note that applicants must submit "Application form for the entrance examination" and" Inquiry Sheet". So, please do not fail to get them.
    Please also note that you do not have to get "Application form for the entrance examination" in advance, as the application will be accepted online via the GSFS Entrance Exam page.

Reqreiment of the environment and equipment to take the entrance exam

    Here is the requirement of the environment and equipment (room, PC, network etc.) to take the online Entrance Exam.

Outline of schedule from application to exam

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